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Discovering The World.

This is a travel blog by Dass.

Ocean and sand


An Explorers with the mindset to seek and experience what is not done by others.

Sand and ocean


The Discovery of the unknown peeks at the heart of each traveler, and the discovery of Malaysia’s hidden gems.

Clear water at the beach


I seek to share my experience with all other travel enthusiast out there that seek to experience Malaysia and the world in the eyes of the experienced traveler.

My Unique Traveling Experience


I am dassaro. Just call dass.I love travelling.All three letter words.When i was working i have traveled to a number of countries like Singapore,Thailand,Indonesia,Cambodia,Vietnam,Myanmar,Philippines,Sri Lanka,India and Maldives.Some countries i have went twice or thrice I have just retired After my retirement i went to East Malaysia.Traveling can be done by organized tour or even withContinue reading “HOME”

My first post….

This is the first post on my new blog.I am running this blog and hope readers will keep tune for more posting.Subscribe below to get notified for more updates.Let ‘s start the journey…. ‘Blogging on the slow lane’ As mentioned earlier I have just started to learn the art of blogging.I am learning this stuffContinue reading “My first post….”

“A Positive Thinker Goes Everywhere, A Negative One Goes Nowhere.”

A traveler is someone that looks to new destinations with hope. They seek that journey that allows them to bring the journey of a thousand cultures.