KUANTAN-Past to Present: 1

Waking along jalan Mahkota I came across some pre war buildings.It is no different from other old buildings found in other parts of this country the usual two storey shop house building.What is important is this old buildings represents the past era of British rule and is still utilised todayThis buildings are build during the early 1900’s century during the British colonial period.i have taken some photoshoot with my mobile.

Close up of a old building in jalan mahkota,kuantan.
The street along jalan mahkota where a row of old buildings found after the police station.
This is another row of old building constructed three years later in jalan mahkota,kuantan.
Looks like all this building are constructed before the second world war and still is used till today. Era of old kuantan has evolved itself into a modern town.
This photo shows the past era of Kuantan.
it is around the beginning of 1900 century.Source from the internet.

I came across this Malay restaurant in jalan mahkota by chance when I went in for a drink. Nothing special about this restaurant except the owner is a collector of antique products. He has proudly displayed his set of collection which dates back to the first world war.I am grateful to the owner for allowing me to take some photos.

Antique displayed on the wall.
children’s antique.
Antique radio and audio items.

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