I am dassaro. Just call dass.I love travelling.All three letter words.When i was working i have traveled to a number of countries like Singapore,Thailand,Indonesia,Cambodia,Vietnam,Myanmar,Philippines,Sri Lanka,India and Maldives.Some countries i have went twice or thrice I have just retired After my retirement i went to East Malaysia.Traveling can be done by organized tour or even with a partner.I have traveled once in a tour and more than once with a partner. Traveling this way really piss me off.In a organized tour you just have to follow the schedule.With a partner if you can’t get along it just spoil your mood for the rest of the journey.My preferred choice is traveling solo.I take solo traveling seriously because it gives me the freedom to make my own choice.With proper planing and travel insurance you can overcome the negative factors like safety and loneliness.

Looking at the trend today more and more people especially women are traveling solo.This is because with the internet and mobile traveling has become less sophisticated.With many budget airlines operating in many countries it has become even cheaper to cross borders and countries.With this in mind and the ample time i have after retirement i decided to embark on the journey of discovery to many of this countries which i have not travel yet.Countries or cities or towns have pass through different era’s It is up to us to discover the past and present.Readers are welcomed to follow my blog.I believe the readers are on the same page with me.


I started to create a travel blog when i saw a fellow traveler from Europe was busy with his laptop in the hostel.When i inquiry he told me he kept all his travel record in a blog.What impress me is all his travel photos and videos are kept in this so called ‘blog’ with titles of places and dates.This eye opening chat inspire me to have my own travel blog.What more when in the past i have lost all my travel photos and videos which i kept on my online album.This particular website suddenly disappear from the scene.Therefore i thought i have found a perfect solution.That’s how i created my travel blog “www.daschangingera.com”

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I love travelling.

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