PAST TRAVEL – Cambodia

As most of the countries are in lock down and Malaysia is no exception. I thought it might be better to write the memoirs of my past travel .As mention in my blog earlier i have lost most of my travel photos in a online travel album.Anyway i can still remember some of the unlucky or happy incidents or surprises which happen throughout my travel before retirement.i am going to base it by countries traveling with a friend or solo.


” white saree draping girls

Cambodia and Vietnam was my first two countries which i traveled with my friend. This was around 2008 when we landed in Phnom penh the capital of Cambodia.After a few days in Phnom penh we moved to Siam Reap the location of the famous Angkor watt. After our day tour of this historical city as usual at night we have to fill our hungry stomach as we were strolling around the town we came across a restaurant named “kama sutra”. serving Indian cuisine.We decided to give it a try as we went in we saw a group of women with their beautiful white saris drape around their slim bodies serving diners.At first we were surprised to see such a setting in a country outside India as the local Indian population is nil. We enjoyed the food and realize that those girls were local Cambodian girls who dress like the native Indians.We chat with the restaurant owner who is from India.The “white Saree girls” is meant to give a Indian ambience to the restaurant.I do not know whether this restaurant still exists today or not.

Children beggers

As we know Vietnam is next to the Cambodian border we decided to visit Vietnam as well.We took the ferry service running between Phnom Penh and Chau Doc ,the border town of Vietnam.As the helmsman navigates along the wide Mekong River which is the longest in South East Asia i and my friend start chatting with other tourist as well as enjoying the Cambodian countryside as we pass along villages and paddy fields along the river bank.After about 3 hours our ferry stopped at a village near Vietnam border.We were told we have to take a different ferry.We disembark and saw a lot of souvenir shops nearby. We have already bought some souvenirs in Phnom Penh so after buying some mineral water i and my friend decided to stroll around the area as the new ferry has not arrived yet.As we exploring the area we were soon swarmed by a group of children promoting all kind of Cambodian goodies ranging from souvenir to food. It looks like they have learn to speak simple english and tellings us we must be from New Delhi,India as a matter of facts we were Malaysian Indians.We told them simply “no money” and try to move away from the area. As we quickly move towards the ferry but to our dismay there is one small girl start following and pestering us to buy something from her.After getting fed up we decided to buy some bread but again she did not have the change on the balance she was suppose to give us.We just told her we will pay back later on our way back to Cambodia from Vietnam. We were suprised she just agreed and we don’t know why she trust us.It is not a big amount and maybe she got a inner feeling that we will somehow pay her. Anyway we know this people are really very poor and we have no heart to not pay this poor girl .So we bought more drinks to get some small change and we paid her and saw her smilling face.

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