Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur.

Past Travel

as most of the countries are in lock down and Malaysia is no exception i thought it might be better to write the memoirs of my past travel .As mention in my blog earlier i have lost most of my travel photos in a online travel album.Anyway i can still remember some of the unlucky or happy incidents or surprises which happen throughout my travel before retirement. I am going to base my experience on a number of countries which i pass through with a friend.

Hua Lamphong Station

The Hua lampong station looks massive with a unique design.We went inside hoping to see any stranger who can speak English.We saw a policeman and taught he can speak some English and approach him to ask him about ticket counter.Unfortunately he can’t speak any but he directed us to the reception.At the reception counter the lady who can speak English show us the ticket counter.We were unfortunate in the sense that there is no train schedule for the night leaving to Malaysia but the ticket clerk told us the train for the next day to Butterworth ,Malaysia was fully booked so he ask us to come the next day to see if there is any last minute cancellation from passengers. With no choice left we knew we have to put up for the night in Bangkok.Since we are not familiar with the city we went back to the reception to inquire about some cheap hotels nearby. I remember the thai receptionist was very helpful as she give us some guidance to nearby hotels and hostels.


We managed to find a hostel suited to our budget for the night for the two of us.The next day after our breakfast at the hostel we headed back to the railway station hoping somebody might have cancelled the trip but again we were disappointed.Anyway the ticket clerk suggested there are still tickets available to the southern city of Hat yai.We go to Hat yai first and from there we can easily get a train to Butterworth,Malaysia.We thought this might be a better idea than looking for a bus and bought a ticket straightway. Since the train is schedule to leave at 3.00pm and we still got about 5 hours so we decided to take a cab to silom road just to do some window shopping and take our lunch over there.Around 2.00pm we were back at the station coming earlier as we were worried we might miss the train.

Train travel

After taking our seats the train start at around 3.00 pm moving slowly southwards to the city of Hat yai.We sat and watch as the scenery changes from urban to rural settings.We prepare ourself for the long journey as we are suppose to reach Hat yai the next morning. This train stops in every small town and i guess it is traveling at an average speed of 70-80km an hour and that’s why it is taking such a long time to reach the distinction.Anyway it is enjoyable as we past the countryside the scenery was superb as we saw vast track of padifield or rice field as far as the eye can see with the sunset on the background.No wonder Thailand is a large exporter of rice.The scene keeps changing with small settlements of houses here and there with Wat the Budhist shrine and sometimes you can get a glimpse of mountain ranges at a distance.Really beautiful so we don’t mind the slow speed journey.In the evening we went for some tea in the small cafeteria at the back of the train.What a way to experience the train travel with some coffee or tea enjoying the countryside and in some towns when the train stop this street vendors rushing in to sell their stuffs.

Sleeping berth

Around 6.00pm some girls dress like air hostess start making the sleeping berths with some joints.The sleeping berth was nicely done and we were quiet surprise the girls were very efficient. After washing our face we went for some dinner around 8.00pm. After taking our dinner we decided to stay back for some beers.We were soon join by some foreigners who start joking and talking all nonsense.We can’t enjoy any scenery except for some street light once a while and the train siren blaring on the quiet night. As we drinking some beers we realize we can;t enjoy this privilege in Malaysian trains as it is a muslim conservative country. Around 1.00am we went to sleep in the berth.We did not have a peaceful sleep as our sleep was sometimes interrupted whenever the train passes a bridge and the sleeping berth start vibrating.Maybe travelers who often travel in a train are use to this type of sleeping environment. Around 6.00am the same girls who fixed the sleeping berth came back to dismantle them. We than sit and see the dawn as the daylight gets brighter.As the train approaches Hat yai houses and mosques become common and we hardly see any wat.We understand that this is due to the fact that southern Thailand has a large muslim population.

The Border

We wash our face and mouth and prepare for our arrival in Hat yai.At Hat yai station we have no time to spare for anything as the train to Butterworth is already waiting to take off anytime soon.We quickly rush to buy the ticket and get aboard on this train.Soon we were on the way to the malaysian border and from there to Butterworth. As we were hungry we quickly move to the cafeteria to take a bit as the border is not far away.When we reach the border we have to go through the immigration process.Malaysian passport holders were told to queue on one side and foreigners the other side.After our passport was stamped and luggage checked we got into the same train but the driver’s coach was changed.The train finally pulled at the Butterworth station around 1.00pm.After lunch we took a bus to Kuala Lumpur on the same day reaching our homes around 6.00pm.


It was my first journey aboard with a friend.The whole journey took about 13 days.What is interesting about this trip is we pass through three countries that is Vietnam,Cambodia and Thailand.We went by flight and came back by bus,car,van,and train.My only regret is I could not stay longer in Bangkok as our leave was only for 14 days. Actually it would have been better if we took a flight direct from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh city and travel westwards from there to Bangkok.Better planing will safe cost and time.After this i have been to Thailand a few times but i am thinking of taking this route again one day.

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